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Take control of your store’s ecommerce shipping like never before. Optimize and LIVE test shipping rates at the product level. You’ve never seen anything like this for shipping, we guarantee it.

See How To Maximize Your Store’s Profit With Shipping

What is Free + Shipping for Shopify?

Easily create shipping rates at the product level. A/B test shipping rates live and see which performs better. And more shipping analytics than you’ve ever seen before.


Product Level Rates

Set shipping rates at the product level, and vary the amount based on quantity purchased.

A/B Test Rates

$4.95? $6.95? $5.00? There was no way to know which rate performed best…until now. Live test rates against each other and see which performs best.


See conversion rates and revenue based on your shipping settings. Finally understand what is impacting sales at the final step of checkout.

Shipping Rates Making A Huge Impact

Small optimizations in shipping can make a tremendous impact on your bottom line

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Successful A/B Tests

Custom Shipping Rates

Cups Of Coffee

A/B Shipping Tests Lead To Pure Profit

Free + Shipping App by Swank is literally the only app on Shopify where you can test shipping rates for performance.

For example – does increasing shipping from $4.95 to $5.95 matter? For your next 1000 customers we can show 500 of them a $4.95 shipping rate and 500 of them a $5.95 shipping rate. Then you can compare, and see which rate performs better!

If $4.95 performs better, then keep it! If $5.95 performs the same…you just made an extra $1 profit per sale. 

The Easiest Free + Shipping Solution For Shopify

No more weird hacks or app work-arounds. We are the only shipping solution designed specifically for free plus shipping and drop shipping stores.

Change Your Shipping Game

Our app provides you more control over shipping on your Shopify store than any other app on the market – we guarantee it.

Shipping is perhaps the most underutilized lever that ecommerce businesses pull to optimize their revenue and profits – probably because it’s so hard to pull off!

Our advanced rates control, conversion-focused analytics, and A/B testing functionality can dramatically increase the success of your store by making simple shipping adjustments.

  • Control Over Rates
  • Advanced Analytics
  • A/B Test Shipping Rates

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